Information Card


MoreFunctionsForAddressBook  v.

MoreFunctionsForAddressBook is a thunderbird extension that enhances the application's address list functionality. MoreFunctionsForAddressBook allows you to preview the contacts entire information card in Thunderbirds window.


By buying a license for the program "the register of vehicles" referred to the following benefits: -Quickly find necessary information about the vehicle -Print an information card of the vehicle -Find vehicles after any criterion (e.


Medical Information  v.

Medical information cards are one of the most valuable things you can carry. In the case of an emergency, the information contained on these cards can provide emergency services important information that can, quite literally, save your life. They

Tenders  v.13.0.1

TENDERS is a program that allows keeping electronic records of information on tenders

Collection of Books  v.13.0.1

"COLLECTION OF BOOKS" is a program that allows keeping records of electronic information about books.


"Database of MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS" is a program that allows keeping records of electronic information about their musical instruments.

Collection of Models of Trains  v.13.0.1

By buying a license for program "A COLLECTION of MODELS of TRAINS" you will receive the following benefits: -The possibility of collecting and analysing information in the database of models in any scale (HO, O, N, G) -The possibility of moving to ar

Secure2email  v.6.0

New Page 1 secure2email is a Microsoft Outlook plug-in that allows you to send protected emails. Your email will be encrypted and you can control who accesses the email and what can be done with the email once received.

Equipment Rental  v.13.0.1

Equipment rental is a program which allows to carry out any type such as renting: Rental appliances, construction equipment rental, ski-hire, catering equipment rental, equipment rental rehabilitation

SIM Card Data Undelete Software  v.

SIM Card Data Undelete Software available on company website that used to retrieves contact information including name and numbers. Restoration tool recovers mobile messages of inbox in clicks.

Recovery Software SIM Card  v.

Move on to download Recovery Software SIM Card that helps in restoring detailed information of sim card like IMSI number, location etc in less time.

Information Retriever

Store and retrieve information, like phone numbers, addresses, credit card information, etc. with handles. Once you input a piece of information and a handle, you can recall that information by inputting any piece of that handle or data, like part of a

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